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Group5: Syria and the Iranian Connection

This report describes a malware operation against the Syrian Opposition. We name the operator Group5, and suspect they have not been previously-reported. Group5 used “just enough” technical sophistication, combined with social engineering, to target computers and mobile phones with malware.

Canada’s Quiet History Of Weakening Communications Encryption

This article, written by Postdoctoral Fellow Christopher Parsons and CIPPIC Staff lawyer Tamir Israel, analyzes how successive federal governments of Canada have actively sought to weaken the communications encryption available to Canadians. The article covers regulations imposed on mobile telecommunications providers, state authorities’ abilities to compel decryption keys from telecommunications providers writ large, and Canada’s signals intelligence agency’s deliberate propagation of flawed encryption protocols.

The Many Identifiers in Our Pockets: A primer on mobile privacy and security

This document describes key identifiers used by mobile devices, highlights some identifiers that are accessible, and often collected, by various parties and the risks associated with the widespread transmission and use of these identifiers.

Social Media Watch – June 2014

This edition of Social Media Watch deals with top court rulings on digital privacy, social media monitoring, and mobile security news.

New document sheds light on government’s ability to search iPhones

Source: Chris Soghoian and Naomi Gilens, American Civil Liberties Union

Cell phone searches are a common law enforcement tool, but up until now, the public has largely been in the dark regarding how much sensitive information the government can get with this invasive surveillance technique.

Mexico’s most vulnerable reporters lack digital security skills

Source: Jessica Weiss, IJNet

In September 2011, two Mexican bloggers who reported frequently on local crime, including drug trafficking and related gang activity, were tortured and hanged on a pedestrian bridge in Nuevo Laredo, a town near the U.S. border.

Social Media CyberWatch – January 2013

This month’s Social Media Watch looks at the privacy concerns around Facebook’s Graph Search, an open letter to Skype detailing concerns about its practices, several noteworthy legislative privacy stories and several other policy, security and privacy stories from the social media community.

Nokia confirms it is hijacking traffic on some of its phones, grabbing your HTTPS data unencrypted

Source: The Next Web

On Wednesday, security professional Gaurang Pandya outlined how Nokia is hijacking Internet browsing traffic on some of its phones.

Citizen Lab Senior Security Analyst Seth Hardy in CTV News piece

Seth Hardy was interviewed in a piece about the use of smartphones in cybercrime.

Cellular services suspended in Karachi and Quetta

Source: Dawn

Pakistan’s government will continue its suspension of cell phone services in several parts of the country Saturday morning after it restores services Friday midnight, the interior minister said.