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Courts adopt aggressive approach in cross-border Internet jurisdiction cases

Source: Michael Geist

In a world where data now moves effortlessly between computers on the Internet without regard for geographic borders, is the appearance of a website on a computer screen sufficient for a court to claim that a trademark has been used in the country?

European Parliament committee calls for transparent safeguards aimed at preserving access to the open Internet

Source: TechDirt

The European Union’s governmental machine is a complicated beast, with its intertwining of supra-national, national and party-political levels.

Controversial 510 Copyright Bill approved in Panama

Source: Global Voices Online

If you thought that SOPA, PIPA, CISPA, ACTA and the SINDE Law were bad, they were nothing compared to the Republic of Panama’s August 2012 #510 Bill [es]: “On Copyrights and Related Rights”.

Twitter reveals year’s worth of DMCA takedown notices

Source: Jon Brodkin, ars technica

On almost any given day, Twitter receives a handful of requests to delete tweets that link to pirated versions of copyrighted content—and quickly complies by erasing the offending tweets from its site.

Hackers attack Irish government over new web law

Source: Reuters

Hackers attacked the websites of Ireland’s departments of finance and justice on Wednesday in a protest against government plans to block websites that violate copyright laws.

Polish government reconsiders copyright laws

Source: Washington Post

Polish officials vowed Monday to stick to plans to sign an international copyright treaty that has outraged Internet activists and prompted an attack on government websites.

U.S. Supreme Court on Golan decision

Source: Mike Masnick, Techdirt

The key point in the Golan case was questioning whether or not the US could take works out of the public domain and put them under copyright.

Impact on the public domain if Canada joins the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Source: Michael Geist

According to a leaked draft of the proposed intellectual property chapter, the TPP would require countries (such as Canada, New Zealand, and Japan – all current or potential TPP members) that meet the international copyright term standard of life of the author plus 50 years to add an additional 20 years to the term of protection.

Canadian Pirate Party finds evidence of copyright infringement by House of Commons

Source: Canadian Pirate Party

The Canadian Pirate Party has uncovered evidence of copyright infringement originating from the Canadian House of Commons. The pirated files include film, music, computer programs and ebooks.

Google, Microsoft and the war for the Web

Source: Huffington Post

You can’t swing a dead cat video in Washington lately without hitting a lobbyist, consultant, attorney or adviser on retainer to Google or one of its tech rivals. Google, whose top executives have long been a bottomless cup of campaign coffee for Democrats, is finally entering its bipartisan phase, theatrically hiring Republican operatives and broadcasting the news through insider Washington publications, pumping air into a K Street tech bubble.