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ISRO plans a new high-resolution earth satellite

Source: Spacenews

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is planning its next remote sensing satellite.

Foreign funding of NGOs in India

Source: Open the Magazine

In 1976, at the height of the Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi, India’s Parliament enacted a piece of legislation called the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act.

Planet Blue Coat: Mapping Global Censorship and Surveillance Tools

Blue Coat Devices capable of filtering, censorship, and surveillance are being used around the world. 61 of these Blue Coat appliances are on public or government networks in countries with a history of concerns over human rights, surveillance, and censorship. Our findings support the need for national and international scrutiny of Blue Coat implementations in the countries we have identified, and a closer look at the global proliferation of “dual-use” information and communication technologies.

Indian government wiretapping

Source: The Hacker News

According to a report, all major Indian telecom companies, including Bharti Airtel, Vodafone India and Tata Tele services, have agreed to share real-time interception of BlackBerry calls and data services on their networks with Security agencies.

Man arrested for uploading photo of Lord Hanuman atop mosque on Facebook

Source: The Indian Express

A 20-year-old youth was arrested on charge of uploading an objectionable picture on the Facebook, police said on Saturday.

Indian government plans to acquire code-busting software to tackle smartphone crime

Source: Aman Sharma, Economic Times

The government is gearing up to arm cyber sleuths with forensic tools to catch up with criminals who outsmart investigators by using secure mobile phones or password-protected computers.

In Indian-held Kashmir, government tightens grip on internet monitoring

Source: Dawn

In a bid to monitor internet usage in Indian-held Kashmir, the central government has asked telecom operators to provide mechanisms for fool-proof monitoring of internet traffic and has also banned several links to Youtube and Facebook pages.

Use of social media to instigate communal tension worrying: PM

Source: Sudhi Ranjan Sen, NDTV

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today raised alarm over the use of new tools – bulk SMS, social media, and internet – to stir an old problem – communal violence.

Outsourcing Censorship

2012 Google Policy Fellow Kieran Bergmann wrote an article titled Outsourcing Censorship for the Canadian International Council on how governments in Asia are increasing their efforts to control online content.

India: We DO have the BlackBerry encryption keys

Source: Bill Ray, The Register

Indian government officials have apparently claimed that Research in Motion has handed over the skeleton keys used to encrypt BlackBerry communications – once again ignoring the fact that such keys don’t exist.