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Monitoring Information Controls in Iraq in Reaction to ISIS Insurgency

In this report, we document the results of network measurement tests we ran to determine how the Internet is being filtered in Iraq in reaction to ongoing insurgency in the country. The results identify 20 unique URLs that are blocked on three Iraq-based Internet Service Providers. Notably, none of the 7 websites we tested that are affiliated with, or supportive, of the jihadist insurgent group the Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) were found to be blocked.

Pemblokiran Vimeo di Indonesia

Kemarahan publik yang terjadi setelah pemblokiran Vimeo telah menunjukkan bahwa netizen Indonesia semakin lebih sadar akan nilai Internet sebagai alat untuk mempromosikan pertumbuhan dan perkembangan, tetapi juga akan hak-hak mereka untuk mengakses, menerima dan menyampaikan informasi dan ide-ide mereka.

Irene Poetranto’s op-ed on blocking of Vimeo in Indonesia

Communications Officer Irene Poetranto authored an op-ed on the blocking of Vimeo, a video-sharing site, in Indonesia.

Website of Canadian Bobsledder Blocked in Russia Due to Collateral Filtering

A closer analysis and verification of the reported blocking of Canadian Olympic Bobsledder Justin Kripps website on Russia’s Rostelecom network.

Not by Technical Means Alone: The Multidisciplinary Challenge of Studying Information Controls

Masashi Crete-Nishihata, Adam Senft and Ron Deibert contribute an article to a special issue of IEEE Internet Computing on Internet Censorship and Controls.
Access the article on SSRN here.