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Social Media CyberWatch – May/June 2013

This Social Media CyberWatch outlines privacy law developments, online service provider relationships with the NSA PRISM program, and Facebook privacy news.

Social Media CyberWatch – April 2013

This Social Media CyberWatch looks at various legislative updates to privacy law, as well as other social media tracking activities.

Social Media CyberWatch – March 2013

This edition of Social Media CyberWatch looks at new developments in privacy research, legal debates, and online service provider policies and decisions.

Social Media CyberWatch – February 2013

This Social Media CyberWatch looks at the rebirth of CISPA, death of bill C-30, EU privacy lobbying, Facebook and Google Play privacy concerns, and various web tracking policy developments such as Do Not Track and third-party cookies implementations.

Facebook, Google may face tougher EU curbs on data usage

Source: Stephanie Bodoni, Bloomberg

Facebook Inc., Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp. may face stricter privacy rules requiring them to let users shift data to competitors in the EU under proposed changes to a draft law.

German police monitors Skype, GoogleMail and Facebook chat

Source: Annalist

Digitask, a company whose reputation was clearly damaged after its trojan virus was found and analysed by the Chaos Computer Club in 2011, seems to still be a regular contractor of German authorities.

China Great Firewall can’t stop Facebook

Source: Bruce Einhorn, San Francisco Chronicle

A new report shows just how porous China’s infamous Great Firewall might be for local Internet users determined to access banned websites.

Facedeals checks you in with facial-recognition cameras

Source: Salvador Rodriguez, Los Angeles Times

A new app is being tested in Nashville, Tenn., that can check in people on Facebook and send them offers using facial-recognition cameras.

Social networks scan for sexual predators, with uneven results

Source: Joseph Menn, Reuters

On March 9 of this year, a piece of Facebook software spotted something suspicious.

Apple, Facebook look to forestall mobile privacy laws

Source: Galen Moore, Boston Business Journal

Tech giants who are otherwise competing fiercely for market share in mobile media and technology are now holding hands, in expectation of congressional efforts to regulate data privacy in the fastest-growing segment of their business.