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Watering holes and zero-day attacks

Source: Nart Villeneuve, Trend Micro

The term “Watering Hole” has become a popular way to describe targeted malware attacks in which the attackers compromise a legitimate website and insert a “drive-by” exploit in order to compromise the website’s visitors.

Indian government plans to acquire code-busting software to tackle smartphone crime

Source: Aman Sharma, Economic Times

The government is gearing up to arm cyber sleuths with forensic tools to catch up with criminals who outsmart investigators by using secure mobile phones or password-protected computers.

Microsoft says operator of malware-ridden site agrees to cooperate in fight against cybercrime

Source: AP via The Washington Post

Microsoft says it has settled a computer-fraud case against a website operated by a Chinese businessman that had become a major hub for illicit Internet activity.

Banks fail to repel cyber threat

Source: E. Scott Reckard, Andrew Tangel and Jim Puzzanghera, LA Times

A shadowy but well organized hacker group in the Middle East has disrupted the electronic banking operations of America’s largest financial institutions in recent days.

Words of war and weakness: Zero-day exploit market

Source: Tech Week Europe

Governments of both east and west, and large private businesses, are thought to be spending vast portions of their budgets on acquiring zero-day exploits.

The Chinese underground, part 4: Internet resources and services abuse

Source: Trend Micro

This is part of a series of blog posts discussing the Chinese underground.

How technology makes us vulnerable

Canada Centre for Global Security Studies Senior Scholar Marc Goodman writes an article for CNN entitled How technology makes us vulnerable.

CBMs in Cyber Space: What should be India’s approach?

Source: Arvind Gupta, Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses

India should support the idea of TCBMs (transparency and confidence building measures) as a first step towards a code of conduct or eventual cybersecurity convention.

Social networks scan for sexual predators, with uneven results

Source: Joseph Menn, Reuters

On March 9 of this year, a piece of Facebook software spotted something suspicious.

Cost of cyber attacks are skyrocketing

Source: Sheila Lam and Carol Ko, Computer World

If your company were hit with a cyber attack today, how much would it cost?