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Forms for New Employees

Postdoctoral Fellow Engagement’s Information

Request for Access Forms


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Important Phone Numbers

  • Ron Deibert (office): 416-946-8916
  • 315 Bloor reception: 416-946-8929
  • 315 Bloor fax number: 416-946-8877
  • 1 Devonshire reception: 416-946-8900
  • 1 Devonshire fax number: 416-946-8915

Finance Office

  • Business Officer: Maria: 416-946-8909

Events Office

  • Events Assistant: Daria: 416-978-6062

Other Munk Staff

  • Amanda (Stephen Toope’s assistant): 416-946-8450
  • Margaret: 416-946-8926

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About Ron Deibert

Hi-Res Images of Ron Deibert

  • Image 1 at the Munk School of Global Affairs (black and white – 2.06 mb / 300 dpi) (Credit: Nicolett Jakab)
  • Image 2 at Mesh Conference (269 kb / 200 dpi)
  • Image 3 at a conference (191 kb / 96 dpi)
  • Image 4 at Lincoln Memorial (457 kb / 230 dpi)
  • Image 5 on the orange couch (Credit: Dave Chan) (1.79 mb / 72 dpi)
  • Image 6 in the turret room (Credit: Paul Eekhoff) (2 mb / 300 dpi)

Citizen Lab Images

Hi -Res Munk School / University of Toronto logo

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Payroll Schedule and Timesheets

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Expense Reimbursement

Reimbursement Forms and Instructions

Personal Expense Reimbursement: Procedures & Guidelines

Our three-step claim procedure:

  1. Print and fill out the Travel [pdf] or Non-Travel Expense Reimbursement  [pdf] form, as appropriate, and sign where indicated.
  2. Provide original receipts and boarding passes for all stages of the trip. For missing original itemized receipts and/or boarding passes, please complete the form for Lost Receipts / No Receipts Issued [pdf].
  3. Mail form and original supporting documents to the Citizen Lab (315 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON M5S 1A3)


  • Reimbursements will not be processed without a signed and completed expense reimbursement form and  all original receipts and documents.
  • Once we have received all supporting documents, we will begin the claim process. It will take approximately two weeks (10 business days).
  • Expenses are paid in Canadian dollars, unless you indicated otherwise in the form, using the Bank of Canada’s prevailing exchange rates.

Claim items clarification:

  • Airfare: Provide a ticket or e-ticket and boarding passes for all stages of the trip. Please note that the University reimburses basic economy fare only. Non-economy fares are only permitted for flights over 6 hours in duration and require prior approval.
  • Accommodation: Provide an original detailed invoice of guest charges. Charges other than the room rate itself (e.g. telephone charges, room service, meals, Internet access) should be removed from the total hotel bill and added to the respective categories on the claim form.
  • Per diem for meals: Please do not claim per diem if meals are provided during conferences or meetings.
  • Group/business meals: Please submit original restaurant receipts and credit card receipt with participant names written on the back of the reimbursement form. For more information, click here to read UofT’s full policy and guidelines.

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