Old News


Citizen Lab research in Alhurra and VICE

Citizen Lab’s research were featured in programs on Middle Eastern democracy by Alhurra and the world of online mercenaries offering hacking services by VICE, respectively.

Surveillance at the Sochi Olympics 2014

Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan have published a new piece on the Russian Surveillance State, as part of the series of investigative pieces by Agentura.Ru, Citizen Lab and Privacy International. The most recent article focuses on surveillance at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games, including the use of communications interception, drones, video surveillance and planned detection of submarines.

Black Code reviewed

Citizen Lab Director Ron Deibert’s new book, Black Code: Inside the Battle for Cyberspace, was reviewed in the National Post.

Hunting for Syrian hackers’ chain of command

Citizen Lab Research Fellow John Scott-Railton and Technical Advisor Morgan Marquis-Boire are featured in a New York Times piece on the Syrian Electronic Army.

Dutch proposal to search and destroy foreign computers

Source: Door Ot van Daalen, Bits of Freedom

On 15 October, the Dutch ministry of Justice and Security proposed powers for the police to break into computers, install spyware, search computers and destroy data.

Russian authorities search Human Rights Watch offices

Source: Alissa de Carbonnel, Reuters

Russian authorities searched the Moscow offices of Human Rights Watch and three other prominent advocacy groups on Wednesday, part of a wave of hundreds of inspections that activists say is a campaign to silence criticism of President Vladimir Putin.

Russia steps up crackdown on rights groups, Internet

Source: CPJ

Recent statements by Vladimir Putin and Russian Member of Parliament (MP) Aleksey Mitrofanov, as well as raids on human rights organizations, signal that the threat hanging over civil society and freedom of expression in Russia has become reality.

In wake of cyberattacks, China seeks new rules

Source: The New York Times

China has issued a new call for international “rules and cooperation” on Internet espionage issues, while insisting that accusations of Chinese government involvement in recent hacking attacks were part of an international smear campaign.

Why the U.S. is not in a cyber war

Source: Ian Wallace, The Daily Beast

For several weeks, it has been difficult to open a newspaper or watch a Sunday talk show without hearing about the advent of “cyber war.”

Iranian government blocks use of tool to get around Internet filter

Source: Reuters

Iranian authorities have blocked the use of most “virtual private networks”, a tool that many Iranians use to get around an extensive government Internet filter, Iranian media quoted an official as saying on Sunday.