Yearly Archives: 2011

Huge portions of the Web vulnerable to hashing denial-of-service attack

Source: Jon Brodkin, Ars Technica

Researchers have shown how a flaw that is common to most popular Web programming languages can be used to launch denial-of-service attacks by exploiting hash tables.

Egypt raids offices of nonprofits, 3 backed by U.S.

Source: The New York Times

Security forces shut down three American-financed democracy-building groups and as many as six other nonprofit organizations on Thursday, in a crackdown that signaled a new low in relations between Washington and Egypt’s military rulers.

McAfee cyber threat predictions for 2012

Source: McAfee

Predicting future threats can be a hit-or-miss exercise for a security research organization. Certainly it is interesting to put on our wizard hats and prognosticate about what may happen in the coming months, but how much do threats really change each year?

Exploring the Chinese internet with WeiboScope

Source: Ethan Zuckerman

Scholars of social media spend a lot of time studying Twitter. Twitter’s not the largest social network in the world – Facebook has at least twice as many users – but it’s massive and influential, particularly in the world of journalism, where smart practitioners have learned to report on stories using accounts from Twitter.

SOPA’s most frightening flaw is the future it predicts

Source: Omar El Akkad, The Globe and Mail

Like the Clear Skies Act or the Ministry of Love, the Stop Online Piracy Act is somewhat confusingly named. Even though it is primarily a piece of anti-piracy legislation, SOPA is broad.

The ecology of mobile surveillance and insecurity

Source: The H Security

At the 28th Chaos Communication Congress (28C3) in Berlin, security researchers have demonstrated a new technique for attacking GSM mobile phones.

Cyber Cold War rhetoric haunts the US and China

Source: Al Jazeera

In January 2010, a Google executive announced “a new approach to China” in a blog post, revealing that the firm had “detected a highly sophisticated and targeted attack… originating from China” and that it would reconsider business operations there.

Israeli company sold surveillance equipment to Iran

Source: Haaretz

An Israeli company has been selling Iran Internet-monitoring equipment through a distributor in Denmark, Bloomberg news agency reported on Friday.

Spies fail to escape spyware in bazaar for cyber arms

Source: Bloomberg

The intelligence operative sits in a leather club chair, laptop open, one floor below the Hilton Kuala Lumpur’s convention rooms, scanning the airwaves for spies.

How SOPA’s ‘circumvention’ ban could put a target on Tor

Source: CNet

A little-noticed section of the Stop Online Piracy Act could make it illegal to distribute Tor and other software that can “circumvent” attempts by the U.S. government to block pirate Web sites.