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In Focus

Mapping the Canadian Government’s Telecommunications Surveillance

In this post we analyze the partial disclosures concerning Canada’s federal agencies’ domestic telecommunications surveillance practices. We argue that key federal agencies remain unaccountable to Parliamentarians and the Canadian public alike, and that accountability measures are urgently needed for Canadians to understand the extent of their federal government’s surveillance activities.

2014 Google Policy Fellowship Call for Applications

The Citizen Lab is proud to once again be a host organization for the Google Policy Fellowship program. Deadline for application is April 14 2014 Midnight Pacific time Full details are available from the Google Policy Fellowship Program website

Blue Coat Errors: Sites Miscategorized as “Pornography”

As a follow-up to our post about the number of sites miscategorized by SmartFilter, our tests with Blue Coat show that miscategorization is not a problem limited to a single product. We should be skeptical of any company’s claims that they are able to categorize much of the web accurately, or that their rate of “collateral damage” is very low.

Research News

Citizen Lab collaborates with Human Rights Watch on Internet censorship testing in Ethiopia

Citizen Lab has collaborated with Human Rights Watch to document Internet censorship in Ethiopia.

وجود نسخة من برنامج سايفون مدمجة مع برنامج خبيث

أكتشاف برنامج خبيث تم دمجه مع برنامج تجاوز الحجب سايفون ٣. البرنامج الخبيث يتواصل عند تشغيله مع خادم كبيوتر في سوريا.

Maliciously Repackaged Psiphon Found

In the past 24 hours The Citizen Lab has identified a maliciously repackaged copy of the popular circumvention software Psiphon 3. This post describes the malware and outlines steps to be taken.

Chris Bronk authors report on cyber threats to US energy industry

Christopher Bronk, a senior fellow at the Canada Centre for Global Security Studies, has authored a report on cybersecurity threats to the US’s energy industry and infrastructure.

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Lab News

Ron Deibert joins privacy debate at the Globe and Mail

Deibert was joined by Omar El Akkad, Technology reporter at the Globe and Mail and Mornay Walters, Chief Executive Officer of Seecrypt Group, a maker of secure communications software for mobile devices.

Morgan Marquis-Boire joins Freedom of the Press Foundation Advisory Board

Citizen Lab Senior Researcher Morgan Marquis-Boire has been invited to join the Freedom of the Press Foundation’s new Technical Advisory Board.

Jon Penney authors op-ed in Toronto Star

Penney writes about how the Fair Elections Act will make it even easier for Canadian political parties to access our personal information and undermine democracy.

Jason Q. Ng quoted in AFP on Weibo IPO

Citizen Lab Research Fellow Jason Q. Ng was quoted in a recent story about Chinese microblogging platform Weibo.

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