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Commodity jurisdiction final determinations

Source: U.S. Department of State

The Commodity Jurisdiction Results table provides insight into US companies that export surveillance tools.

U.K. limits spyware that may have targeted dissidents

Source: Vernon Silver, Bloomberg

The British government has imposed export controls on U.K.-based Gamma Group’s FinSpy surveillance tool, which can remotely take over computers and phones.

British government admits it started controlling exports of Gamma International’s FinSpy

Source: Privacy International

Privacy International is delighted that the government has recognised the necessity of controlling exports of Gamma International’s technologies.

FBI vs. Google: The legal fight to unlock phones

Source: Julia Angwin, The Wall Street Journal

A legal battle is brewing between technology companies and the U.S. government over whether law-enforcement agents have the right to obtain passwords to crack into smartphones of suspects.

FinFisher mobile spyware tracking political activists

Source: Mathew J. Schwartz, Information Week

Spyware developed and sold by U.K.-based Gamma Group can infect BlackBerrys, iPhones, and other mobile devices, and is being used to actively target dissidents in countries governed by autocratic regimes.

Swedish-Finnish telecom aids Tajikistan censorship

Source: Eurasia Net

TeliaSonera, a telecom giant owned in part by the Swedish and Finnish governments, is again under fire for abetting an authoritarian regime.

Elusive FinSpy spyware pops up in 10 countries

Source: Nicole Perlroth, The New York Times

Security researchers who studied the spyware last month said it can grab images of users’ computer screens, record their Skype chats, remotely turn on cameras and microphones, and log keystrokes.

FinFisher spyware C&C server detected in US

Source: Fahmida Y. Rashid, PCmag.com

FinFisher, a software application used by law enforcement agencies for surveillance, appears to be far more widespred than originally thought.

FinFisher spyware reach found on five continents

Source: Vernon Silver, Bloomberg

The FinFisher spyware made by U.K.- based Gamma Group likely has previously undisclosed global reach, with computers on at least five continents showing signs of being command centers that run the intrusion tool.

Gamma says no spyware sold to Bahrain; may be stolen copy

Source: Vernon Silver, Bloomberg

Gamma International said the company didn’t sell its FinFisher spyware to Bahrain, responding to research that showed activists from the Persian Gulf kingdom were targeted by what looked like the software, which can secretly monitor computers.