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How to avoid Twitter censorship

Source: John Flanagan, Wired

Twitter has always had an obligation to remove illegal content; their new policy simply ensures prohibited tweets disappear only within the borders of the offended country.

Twitter suspends four accounts critical of Sarkozy

Source: Glyn Moody, techdirt

Nicolas Sarkozy, who hopes to be re-elected as French President this year, seems to have little love for the Internet.

Data collection arms race feeds privacy fears

Source: Joseph Menn, Reuters

This week’s revelations that Google Inc, Twitter and other popular Internet companies have been taking liberties with customer data have prompted criticism from privacy advocates and lawmakers, along with apologies from the companies.

Twitter stores full iPhone contact list for 18 months, after scan

Source: David Sarno, Los Angeles Times

Twitter Inc. has acknowledged that after mobile users tap the “Find friends” feature on its smartphone app, the company downloads users’ entire address book, including email addresses and phone numbers, and keeps the data on its servers for 18 months.

Why Twitter’s censorship plan is better than you think

Source: Omar El Akkad, The Globe and Mail

Last week, Twitter ignited a censorship debate in a big way, after the company announced a new policy that effectively allows it to block certain Tweets (and, more disturbingly, certain Twitter accounts) only in particular parts of the world.

Twitter’s early-bird special on censorship

Source: Rob Beschizza, BoingBoing

Last week, Twitter announced plans to censor tweets in specific countries, but only to local readers. At the same time, it committed itself to publishing each act of censorship at the Chilling Effects clearinghouse.

Thailand government endorses Twitter’s censorship feature

Source: Jon Russell, The Next Web

Twitter’s controversial move towards enabling the censorsing of tweets has gained the backing of its first international government, after authorities in Thailand publicly endorsed the introduction.

Twitter reveals year’s worth of DMCA takedown notices

Source: Jon Brodkin, ars technica

On almost any given day, Twitter receives a handful of requests to delete tweets that link to pirated versions of copyrighted content—and quickly complies by erasing the offending tweets from its site.

Twitter sets up system to block posts by country

Source: Loretta Oretta, The Wall Street Journal

Twitter Inc. says it can now make content selectively available to users based on geography, and plans to use that ability to enter countries with “different ideas” about freedom of expression as a human right—reflecting the difficult ethical questions facing Internet companies.

Google’s Blogger follows Twitter’s lead

Source: Google

Over the coming weeks you might notice that the URL of a blog you’re reading has been redirected to a country-code top level domain, or “ccTLD.”