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Chile takes Twitter user to court over parody

Source: Global Voices

A Twitter user is facing jail time in Chile after a powerful business mogul accused him of identity theft for creating parody accounts on the microblogging site.

Does the Israel-Hamas Internet war violate Twitter’s terms of service?

Source: The Atlantic

If so, a new way of war may soon meet its end.

Twitter blocks Germans’ access to neo-Nazi group

Source: Nicholas Kulish, The New York Times

The move was the first time that Twitter acted on a policy known as “country-withheld content,” announced in January, in which it will block an account at the request of a government.

Twitter and warrantless data disclosure

Source: Tom Risen, The Netizen Project

A year after the Occupy Wall Street movement began the disorderly conduct case of one of its protesters could dilute privacy rights online, as Twitter was forced to release a protester’s tweets to a court without a search warrant on Sept. 14.

India cracks down on Internet after communal violence

Source: Devidutta Tripathy and Annie Banerji, Reuters

India pressed social media websites including Facebook and Twitter on Tuesday to remove “inflammatory” content it said helped spread rumors that caused an exodus of migrants from some Indian cities last week.

Twitter releases “transparency tool” to reveal government requests

Source: Cyrus Farivar, ars technica

The company showed the public for the first time exactly how many times governments ask for user information or ask for content to be taken down.

Federal Minister for IT slaps nationwide Twitter ban on Pakistani citizens

Source: Bytes for All

It is despicable to note that once again, Government of Pakistan has managed to block yet another social networking website Twitter.

Fake Skype encryption software serves up Syrian-based Trojan

Source: Nart Villeneuve, Trend Micro

As the conflict in Syria persists, the Internet continues to play an interesting role.

China’s Twitter war

Source: Adam Segal, Council on Foreign Relations

Over the last week, supporters of Tibet, and the merely curious, have seen information warfare up close.

Twitter bots target Tibetan protests

Source: Krebs on Security

Twitter bots — zombie accounts that auto-follow and send junk tweets hawking questionable wares and services — can be an annoyance to anyone who has even a modest number of followers.