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Mapping the Canadian Government’s Telecommunications Surveillance

In this post we analyze the partial disclosures concerning Canada’s federal agencies’ domestic telecommunications surveillance practices. We argue that key federal agencies remain unaccountable to Parliamentarians and the Canadian public alike, and that accountability measures are urgently needed for Canadians to understand the extent of their federal government’s surveillance activities.

Maliciously Repackaged Psiphon Found

In the past 24 hours The Citizen Lab has identified a maliciously repackaged copy of the popular circumvention software Psiphon 3. This post describes the malware and outlines steps to be taken.

The Murky State of Canadian Telecommunications Surveillance

On January 20, 2014 the Citizen Lab along with leading Canadian academics and civil liberties groups asked Canadian telecommunications companies to reveal the extent to which they disclose information to state authorities. This post summarizes and analyzes the responses from the companies, and argues that the companies have done little to ultimately clarify their disclosure policies. We conclude by indicating the subsequent steps in this research project.

Morgan Marquis-Boire interviewed for Vice’s Motherboard

Citizen Lab Senior Researcher and Technical Advisor Morgan Marquis-Boire was interviewed for Vice’s Motherboard ahead of the RSA Security Conference.

Fighting Surveillance: What Canadian Companies Can Do

Canadians should demand more from government in reigning in electronic spying and cyber-policing. But we should also, as citizens, subscribers, and users, demand more from our internet and telecommunication service providers.

Ron Deibert interviewed on VICE

Citizen Lab Director Ron Deibert spoke about the security challenges governments face in the digital environment.

Sochi, Surveillance and Citizen Lab in the news

Th upcoming Sochi Olympics are drawing media attention to the well-documented cyber surveillance system in Russia.

Director Ron Deibert to give lecture at the University of British Columbia

January 23, 2014

Towards Transparency in Canadian Telecommunications

Canadian scholars and civil liberties organizations have come together to ask that many of Canada’s most preeminent telecommunications companies disclose the kinds, amounts, and regularity at which state agencies request telecommunications data pertaining to Canadians.

Andrei Soldatov to discuss Russian cyber surveillance at European Parliament Committee meeting

Investigative Journalist Andrei Soldatov was invited to make a contribution to an inquiry on the Russian electronic mass surveillance system.