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When Hamas launches a rocket, Israeli iPhones buzz

Source: Christa Case Bryant, Christian Science Monitor

Adi Pito and his friend Avi Genasia were checking out the damage from the first – and so far only – fatal rocket attack of the past week when there was a deep rumble on the horizon.

Pakistan to monitor all emails, calls within 90 days

Source: Mehtab Haider, The News

All emails, telephone calls and other communications with the rest of the world will begin to be monitored within 90 days at a cost of million of dollars, according to a deadline given by the government to operators including PTCL.Source: Mehtab Haider, The News

Verizon iPhone owners have 30 days to opt-out of sharing location, search data and more with advertisers

Source: Matthew Panzarino

If you’re the brand new owner of a Verizon iPhone, you’ve got 30 days to opt-out of sharing information including anonymized location data as well as demographics like age, gender, sports teams, dining habits and more.

International calls, internet communication to be monitored in Pakistan

Source: Shahid Abbasi, The News Tribe

Pakistan’s government has decided to establish a monitoring system of international incoming and outgoing calls along with voice and text communication of internet through International Clearing House (IHC).

Kenya’s battle to switch off fake phones

Source: Wanyama wa Chebusiri, BBC

Peter Marete, a second-hand clothes dealer in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, is finding life very difficult without a mobile phone.

Indian government plans to acquire code-busting software to tackle smartphone crime

Source: Aman Sharma, Economic Times

The government is gearing up to arm cyber sleuths with forensic tools to catch up with criminals who outsmart investigators by using secure mobile phones or password-protected computers.

300,000 Android ‘phones’ roam a virtual town

Source: John Markoff, The New York Times

A small team of cybersecurity researchers have lashed the computers together to form a homebrew computing cluster.

Military smartphone malware designed to steal your life

Source: MIT Technology Review

Robert Templeman at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Crane, Indiana, and a few pals at Indiana University reveal an entirely new class of ‘visual malware’ capable of recording and reconstructing a user’s environment in 3D.

FinSpy mobile: Configuration and insight

Source: Trustwave Spider Labs

A couple of weeks ago, Citizen Lab announced the discovery of the mobile component to the previously discovered FinFisher Toolkit.

Rehman Malik strikes again

Source: Dawn.com

The violence on Friday kept the nation spellbound and hooked to their television sets but despite the rampage it was a very quiet day for many. The reason for this was the blocked phone service.