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Social Media CyberWatch – March 2013

This edition of Social Media CyberWatch looks at new developments in privacy research, legal debates, and online service provider policies and decisions.

Facebook, Google may face tougher EU curbs on data usage

Source: Stephanie Bodoni, Bloomberg

Facebook Inc., Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp. may face stricter privacy rules requiring them to let users shift data to competitors in the EU under proposed changes to a draft law.

German police monitors Skype, GoogleMail and Facebook chat

Source: Annalist

Digitask, a company whose reputation was clearly damaged after its trojan virus was found and analysed by the Chaos Computer Club in 2011, seems to still be a regular contractor of German authorities.

Microsoft says operator of malware-ridden site agrees to cooperate in fight against cybercrime

Source: AP via The Washington Post

Microsoft says it has settled a computer-fraud case against a website operated by a Chinese businessman that had become a major hub for illicit Internet activity.

Surveillance spyware migrates from Windows to Mac OS X

Source: Dan Goodin, ars technica

Researchers have uncovered a malware-based espionage campaign that subjects Mac users to the same techniques that have been used for years to surreptitiously siphon confidential data out of Windows machines.

Citizen Lab Director Ron Deibert interviewed for CNET article on hacktivism

Source: Elinor Mills, CNET

In December 1998, a U.S.-based hacker group called Legions of the Underground declared cyberwar on Iraq and China and prepared to protest human rights abuses in those countries by disrupting their Internet access.

Researchers clobber Khelios spam botnet

Source: Krebs on Security

Experts from across the security industry collaborated this week to quarantine more than 110,000 Microsoft Windows PCs that were infected with the Khelios worm, a contagion that forces infected PCs to blast out junk email advertising rogue Internet pharmacies.

China targets Macs used by NGOs

Source: F-secure

A new Mac backdoor exploiting CVE-2011-3544 (a Java vulnerability) is being reported. The backdoor appears to be connected to GhostNet. The malware is being used in targeted attacks against non-governmental organizations (NGO).

Worm operator worked at antivirus firm, says Microsoft

Source: Brian Krebs, Krebs on Security

In a post to the Official Microsoft Blog, the company identified 31-year-old Andrey N. Sabelnikov of St. Petersburg, Russia as responsible for the operations of the botnet.

Microsoft names creator of Kelihos botnet

Source: Paul Thurrott, Supersite for Windows

Microsoft this week provided an update to its ongoing investigation of the Kelihos botnet case and now alleges that a Russian citizen is responsible for the creation and operation of the botnet.