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Targeted attacks against Mac users continue to climb

Source: Paul F. Roberts, IT World

Apple Computer took a bold step recently in its battle against malicious software that runs on its Mac operating system.

Watering holes and zero-day attacks

Source: Nart Villeneuve, Trend Micro

The term “Watering Hole” has become a popular way to describe targeted malware attacks in which the attackers compromise a legitimate website and insert a “drive-by” exploit in order to compromise the website’s visitors.

Dutch government proposes cyberattacks against…everyone

Source: Electronic Frontier Foundation

If the location of a particular computer cannot be determined, the Dutch police would be able to break in without ever contacting foreign authorities.

Surveillance malware targets UAE activist as exploit sellers implicated

Source: Tom Brewster, Tech Week Europe

A prominent activist from the UAE has been targeted by surveillance malware likely to have been created by an Italian company, with a French exploit seller implicated too, according to researchers.

Ahead of spyware conference, more evidence of abuse

Source: Nicole Perlroth, The New York Times

This week, at ISS World Americas, an annual surveillance trade show in Washington, law enforcement agents from around the world will gather to learn about the latest in computer spyware.

Spyware leaves trail to beaten activist through Microsoft flaw

Source: Vernon Silver, Bloomberg

On a Monday in July, Ahmed Mansoor sat in his study in Dubai and made the mistake of clicking on a Microsoft Word attachment that arrived in an e-mail, labeled “very important” in Arabic, from a sender he thought he recognized.

Citizen Lab Senior Security Analyst Seth Hardy at SecTor Conference

Senior Security Analyst Seth Hardy gave a presentation during this year’s SecTor Conference in Toronto, Canada, which took place from 1-3 October, 2012.

Microsoft says operator of malware-ridden site agrees to cooperate in fight against cybercrime

Source: AP via The Washington Post

Microsoft says it has settled a computer-fraud case against a website operated by a Chinese businessman that had become a major hub for illicit Internet activity.

DSL modem hack used to infect millions with banking fraud malware

Source: Dan Goodin, ars technica

Millions of Internet users in Brazil have fallen victim to a sustained attack that exploited vulnerabilities in DSL modems, forcing people visiting sites such as Google or Facebook to reach imposter sites that installed malicious software and stole online banking credentials.

How millions of DSL modems were hacked in Brazil, to pay for Rio prostitutes

Source: Graham Cluley, Naked Security

Fabio Assolini, a researcher for Kaspersky Labs, gave a fascinating presentation at the Virus Bulletin conference in Dallas last week, describing how more than 4.5 million home DSL routers in Brazil were found to have been silently hacked by cybercriminals last year.