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FinFisher research referenced in articles on German court investigation, South African servers

Deutsche Welle reported that German state prosecutors have started preliminary investigations into whether the German-developed spy software FinFisher is being used by foreign intelligence agencies against targets inside Germany.

An attempt to take tools from tyrants

Source: Judy Dempsey, The New York Times

Nabeel Rajab, president of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, has been in jail since pro-democracy demonstrations began in Bahrain two years ago.

Meet the German jazz pianist selling spy software to totalitarian regimes

Source: Bastian Brinkmann, Jasmin Klofta and Frederik Obermaier, World Crunch

Martin Münch says he knows who the bad guys are, and that he’s one of the good guys.

Trojans for the Bundestag – German PD acquired Finfisher

Source: Don Eijndhoven, InfoSec Island

In December of last year, the German public prosecutors’ office had declared that there was no legal basis for the use of the so-called “Bundestrojaner” spyware, which was used to spy on German citizens.

Wanted: German security developers for new, homegrown spyware

Source: Cyrus Farivar, Ars technica

Despite causing a minor political scandal in Germany last year, the government-created “state trojan” program appears to be going strong.

Twitter blocks Germans’ access to neo-Nazi group

Source: Nicholas Kulish, The New York Times

The move was the first time that Twitter acted on a policy known as “country-withheld content,” announced in January, in which it will block an account at the request of a government.

German police monitors Skype, GoogleMail and Facebook chat

Source: Annalist

Digitask, a company whose reputation was clearly damaged after its trojan virus was found and analysed by the Chaos Computer Club in 2011, seems to still be a regular contractor of German authorities.

German federal police to develop their own computer surveillance software

Source: Lucian Constantin, CIO

The Federal Criminal Police Office of Germany, also known as the BKA, is looking to hire software engineers who can develop remote computer surveillance technologies for use in criminal investigations.

Highlights from the 28th Chaos Communications Congress

Source: Becky Hogge, Global Voices Advocacy

The Chaos Communications Congress is the annual meetup of Germany’s Chaos Computer Club, one of the oldest hacker collectives in the world.

Germany’s war with Facebook and Google over privacy

Source: The Atlantic

When it comes to conflicts with American tech companies, Germany is the anti-China.