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Morgan Marquis-Boire joins Ars Technica Live to discuss “data contraception”

Citizen Lab Senior Security Researcher Morgan Marquis-Boire joined the Ars Technica Live podcast series to discuss the rise of what he calls “digital authoritarianism,” an extension of the activities of authoritarian governments into cyberspace, and the steps he says citizens can take to protect themselves.

Tracing the Path of a Censored Weibo Post and Compiling Keywords that Trigger Automatic Review

We investigate what keywords might trigger censorship via automatic review in Sina Weibo and followed the pathways a typical censored post might take on Chinese social media.

Visualizing Changes in Censorship: Summarizing two months of Sina Weibo keyword monitoring with two interactive charts

The China Chats keyword list was tested on Sina Weibo four times from Jun to Aug 2013. The data allows us to identify changes in censorship on Sina Weibo over time.

Is it wrong to use data from the world’s first ‘nice’ botnet?

A new piece in Wired magazine features the discussion of the ethics of using the Internet Census data from Citizen Lab Security Researcher and Technical Advisor Morgan Marquis-Boire and Post-Doctoral Fellow Philippa Gill.

Facebook, Google may face tougher EU curbs on data usage

Source: Stephanie Bodoni, Bloomberg

Facebook Inc., Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp. may face stricter privacy rules requiring them to let users shift data to competitors in the EU under proposed changes to a draft law.

Being social with privacy in mind

Source: Mozilla Blog

People really enjoy social features that help them connect with others. To offer these features, social networks often end collecting lots of personal info, and their users don’t always understand the tradeoffs involved.

How a single spam from China ended up as an attack on the White House

Source: Paul Ducklin, Naked Security

FoxNews leads today with a dramatic story entitled “Washington confirms Chinese hack attack on White House computer.”

Iranian news agency falls for Onion story, plagiarizes it

Source: Foreign Policy Blog

Readers of Iran’s official FARS News Agency encountered a surprising headline today — “Gallup Poll: Rural Whites Prefer Ahmadinejad to Obama”.

Consultation on communications data surveillance

Source: Privacy International

Privacy Internationally has submitted two documents to the UK Parliament’s Joint Committee reviewing the draft bill on communications data.

Here’s how often AT&T, Sprint, Verizon hand over users’ data to government

Source: Andy Greenberg, Forbes

When it comes to modern law enforcement surveillance, no one watches the wiretappers.