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Jason Q. Ng at New America Foundation film screening

Citizen Lab Google Policy Fellow Jason Q. Ng is participating in a discussion at the New America Foundation NYC on Thursday, July 11, 2013 at 6:30pm.

Using the China Chats surveillance/censorship keyword list: analyzing blocked terms, search result numbers, and overlaps of censored terms between services

Working with the just-released China Chats keyword list, Jason Q. Ng extended The Citizen Lab/UNM’s analysis by checking whether each of the 4,256 keywords was blocked from searching on Sina Weibo. This report includes further analysis and examination of other potential censorship tactics by Weibo revealed in the data.

Google Policy Fellow Jason Q. Ng at Chinese Internet Research Conference

Citizen Lab Google Policy Fellow Jason Q. Ng is participating in the Chinese Internet Research Conference (CIRC) taking place from 14-16 June 2013 at the University of Oxford.

Censoring a commemoration: What June 4-related search terms are blocked on Weibo today

As citizens in China commemorate the twenty-fourth anniversary of June 4th today, we identified 71 keywords that are currently blocked from searching on Sina Weibo.

In wake of cyberattacks, China seeks new rules

Source: The New York Times

China has issued a new call for international “rules and cooperation” on Internet espionage issues, while insisting that accusations of Chinese government involvement in recent hacking attacks were part of an international smear campaign.

TOM-Skype surveillance research in Bloomberg Business Week

Bloomberg Business Week reports on joint Citizen Lab and University of New Mexico research on surveillance in the TOM-Skype instant messaging client (Chinese version of Skype).

Chinese cyberwar and the US ‘myth of scheming’

Source: Graham Webster, Al Jazeera

Last week, after the Washington Post reported that numerous Washington institutions in and outside government have experienced hacking attributed to China, the Post’s excellent political writer Ezra Klein had an unfortunate foray into commentary on Chinese elite politics.

Citizen Lab at the Boston Freedom in Online Communications Day (BFOC)

Citizen Lab Post-Doctoral Fellow Philippa Gill and Senior Analytics and Visualization Developer Greg Wiseman will participate at this year’s Boston Freedom in Online Communications Day (BFOC), taking place on 8 March 2013.

Hacking isn’t cyberwar, for now

Source: Chris Bronk, The New York Times

“There’s no cyberwar without a real war,” argues cryptographer Bruce Schneier. Yet some sort of cyberconflict with China is afoot.

State-sponsored hackers steal more than a terabyte of data per day, says new report

Source: The Verge

Two decades after computer security began generating billions by selling expertise and software designed to protect unwanted network intrusions, experts say those networks are more vulnerable than ever.