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OSCE breached; internal documents posted by Anonymous

Source: Jeffrey Carr, Digital Dao

The reality of threats in cyber space for the OSCE has become even more real now that their internal network has been breached in early November, 2012 by an unknown person or persons and the stolen files uploaded to Par-AnoIA.net.

A dramatic tale of betrayal, dirty secrets and revenge

Source: The Sunday Guardian

Though hated & feared by governments all over, not much is known about hacktivist groups like Anonymous. A new book by Parmy Olson finally sheds some light, writes Oxblood Ruffin.

Anonymous supporters stage protests against restrictive Internet regulation

Source: The Hindu

The ‘OpIndia’ protest gained more traction in some cities than others — notably New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore — as groups of youths dressed up in black suits and sported the iconic Guy Fawkes mask.

Anonymous India fights censorship, hacks Reliance servers

Source: Michael Stone, Examiner

Protesting Internet censorship, Anonymous hacks Reliance Communications, a major Internet provider, leaving customers unable to access Facebook, Twitter and other sites for several hours.

Anonymity, accountability and the public sphere

Source: Jac sm Kee, GenderIt.org

At the Feminist Tech Exchange (FTX) and Connect Your Rights events that took place just before the Forum, we discussed about the different and increasingly sophisticated ways that internet technologies have been used to erode any sense of anonymity online.

Anonymous shine a light on the “white gold” trade

Source: Pierre Leibovici, Owni.eu

According to a statement posted on a related blog, Anonymous intends to expose the “trafficking of coltan” orchestrated by those multinationals in the DRC.

Hacktivists in the frontline battle for the internet

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Anonymous wants to take down the Great Firewall of China

Source: Emil Protalinski, ZD Net

The group has hacked and defaced hundreds of Chinese government, company, and other general websites to the point where China even acknowledged the attacks.

Syria e-mail hack points to new “information war”

Source: Peter Apps, Reuters

Whether Syrian rebels hacked President Bashar al-Assad’s e-mails themselves or with the help of Western spy agencies or “hactivists”, the release of dozens of revealing messages points to a new era of information warfare.

Hacker group unveils critical attacks

Source: Jordan Robertson, Bloomberg

For the past few months, a team of computer hackers has engaged in an aggressive form of cyber subversion.