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OECD finds actions of Gamma International to be in violation of human rights

The OECD concluded that Gamma International had failed to act consistently their guidelines, which require businesses to do appropriate due diligence in their operations, ensuring that negative human rights effects are avoided.

Citizen Lab at RightsCon 2015

The Citizen Lab will be hosting two sessions, “Asia Chats” and “Filtering Free Expression,” at the RightsCon 2015 conference in Manila, Philippines.

Christopher Parsons raises concerns regarding Bill C-51, CSE email monitoring

Citizen Lab Post-doctoral Fellow Christopher Parsons spoke to the CBC on the implications of Canada’s Bill C-51, as well as CSE’s email storage and monitoring.

Forbes on Citizen Lab’s Syria research

An article by Forbes magazine discusses FireEye’s recent report on Syria, authored by Daniel Regalado, Citizen Lab Technical Advisory Board member Nart Villeneuve, and Citizen Lab Research Fellow John Scott Railton.

Jason Q. Ng speaks on China’s real name registration policy

Citizen Lab Research Fellow Jason Q. Ng commented on the effect that China’s real name registration policy will have on virtual private networks (VPNs) and self-censorship.

Ron Deibert at Pakistan Cyberspace conference

Citizen Lab Director Ron Deibert delivered a keynote address and contributed to a panel discussion as part of the 2015 Pakistan Cyberspace conference, held in Islamabad.

Ron Deibert speaks to Globe and Mail on Five Eyes memo leak

The document is a memo circulated among the Five Eyes, a network of English-speaking intelligence agencies. Though the document does not name the hackers whose data were stolen, it made it clear that they had ties to the Chinese government, and were spying on human rights defenders and Uyghur activists in the country.

Morgan Marquis-Boire to speak at RSA Conference

April 23 – San Francisco

Helmi Noman publishes report on Atheist content in Arab cyberspace

Citizen Lab Senior Researcher Helmi Noman contributed another report to the Internet Monitor, a research project that evaluates the extent of internet controls across the world, run by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University.

FinFisher research referenced in articles on German court investigation, South African servers

Deutsche Welle reported that German state prosecutors have started preliminary investigations into whether the German-developed spy software FinFisher is being used by foreign intelligence agencies against targets inside Germany.