Websites on illegal downloads to be banned

July 27, 2011

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Source: Elin Yunita Kristanti and Syahrul Ansyari, VivaNews

The government through Information and Communication Minister Tifatul Sembiring is planning to block music or movie websites offering free downloads which can be easily found in the internet.

“I’m expecting innovators and the industry to work hand in hand in an effort to produce phenomenal works. I think it’s a sin for the government to abandon creation of its people. I don’t wanna be a sinner. So, a strategy is needed,” said Tifatul today.

In addition to the possible ban, Tifatul explained, the perpetrators of illegal downloading could also face a penalty of 9-year imprisonment, or Rp3 billion of fine, according to Article 25 of Electronic Information and Transaction Law. Thus, the general public need to be more careful.

However, before stepping into legal scope, Tifatul would carry out campaigns to educate people on the issue.

Tifatul said that the efforts to curb pornographic contents were in the beginning doubted by many. “Now the efforts (regarding illegal download) are not yet enforced by law. No police officers deployed to raid internet rentals. We will in the first place afford for public awareness. When internet users attempt to make downloads, there is an option and it’s cheap,” he said.

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